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ENG HON 1: 03
Instructor: Carter, Micah   
GameMarker Final Project
Gamemakers Unit Final Project – 200 POINTS

Due Date: Monday, December 5th, 2016

During the week of December 5th, we will designate two to three class periods as “GAME DAYS.” You must have completed (by Monday, Dec. 5th) a finished, playable version of your game.

Remember your choices:

Choice #1: Your group must create an original game from the ground up. By that, I mean that you will create all original pieces, provide the rules, and test the game yourself to ensure that the game play is successful and that you can play the game to completion. You should strive towards creating a game that is appropriate for class and one that can actually be played by your fellow students. We want to play these games!

Choice #2: You can also choose to modify an existing game. For instance, in high school my friends and I combined “tennis” and “volleyball” to create “V-Tenny”. There was an entirely new set of rules and the game play was a new experience. Make sure that your modification is changing the game significantly. For instance, if you took Monopoly and added some new pieces or designed your own money…this would not be acceptable.

Keep in mind: You must choose to create a game that can be played in class. Also, keep in mind that we will need to play your game multiple times, so if you have items like trivia questions or elements that could “run out” …you need to provide for as many players as possible.

You can: Use pieces from other games to help create yours. For instance, you can use a board or pieces from another game…however you should put original graphics wherever you can.

Your game must:
  1. have a title
  2. be built to play from beginning to end
  3. have a COMPLETE written set of rules
  4. look as professional as possible
GameMaker Commercial
Gamemaker Project: Persuasive Presentations – Commercials
100 points – Each group must be ready to perform or present their commercials on Wednesday, November 30th.

Keep in mind that this presentation of your game should be crafted like a commercial that you would see on television. This is not a time to go into specifics about how your game works, meaning explaining all of the rules. If you think about it, most commercials for games and toys do not waste too much time with these details. Usually commercials stress how much fun can be had with the game and what kind of people will enjoy it. The goal to remember is that you have this limited time to sell your game to your audience. You need to make it sound like the best game ever! You will get a chance to further explain your game (rules & instructions) to the class at the start of the Game Days. Instead, these commercial presentations should be creative, quick, informative and entertaining.
These commercials will STRICT minimum time constraints. Each commercial must be at least 60 seconds long but CAN NOT EXCEED 90 seconds. Coming in under this time will cause you to lose a considerable amount of points, as will going over the allotted time.
Your commercial must:
  • Include everyone in your group. There shouldn’t be anyone standing in the background not participating. You should strive to set it up so that everyone speaks as well, but you can have a main speaker or announcer who does the majority of the speaking.
  • Include the name of the game, how many players can play, and maybe some of the rules (especially if they are your more interesting or fun rules).
  • Show your game to the audience. We need to see your creative handiwork.
  • Be as creative and exciting as much as possible. Remember, the most imaginative commercial will most likely be the one that scores the most points.
  • Perhaps you can create a brief play or scene that shows people playing your game. For one, this is creative. It also is an easy way to demonstrate how much fun your game can be without having to explain it. This way you can SHOW IT rather than tell it.
  • You can possibly use other props (or things like music) to enhance your presentation. Just be to sure to let CARTER know well in advance if anything special is needed to set up.
  • Even though you are not required to hand in a written form of your presentation, it is highly recommended that you write things down and rehearse as much as time will allow. You are allowed to have notes with you as you give your presentation, but just remember that those who rely too much on their notes will come across as unprepared and unprofessional.
You will not be given all the time in the world to plan and prepare for these commercials…only a couple of class periods. BE PREPARED! BE CREATIVE
Embedded Assessment 2 - Argumentative Essay
*This typed or written FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAY is due by Monday, October 31st. No late work will be accepted.
*You can choose to write an ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY based on the topic of the “VALUE OF COLLEGE”, but you can also choose a topic that you feel is honestly important to people of your age.
*The grading rubric on page 84 will be used for your essay regardless of your topic
Halloween "Scary Story Contest"
Scary Story Rubric
Final Written Story: Due Thursday, October 27th, 2016
25 POINTS EXTRA CREDIT will be given to those students that choose to read their stories aloud, as part of our “Halloween Scary Story” event. You can do anything you’d like (in terms of the room atmosphere) to make your story even more scary/effective. This includes, but isn’t limited to, lighting, sound effects, costumes, etc.
A (90-100%) B (80-89%) C (70-79%) D (60-69%)
Descriptive Words Many descriptive words are used Some descriptive words are used Few descriptive words are used Very few or no descriptive words are used
(where and when)
Where and when are both fully developed and setting words are sprinkled throughout the story One part is developed more than the other and setting words disappear for part of the story Neither where nor when are fully developed or one is left out and setting words appear only at one part of the story Neither where nor when are mentioned
(conflict and resolution)
The plot is well developed – it shows rising suspense and a climax The plot is mostly developed, with a few parts left out The plot is not fully developed and is missing a few major parts The plot is not developed and is missing many major parts
Scare Factor The story is very scary The story is a little scary The story is somewhat scary, but is too predictable The story has no scary element at all
Ending The ending is surprising and suspenseful The ending is somewhat surprising The ending is unoriginal The ending is missing
Writing Mechanics Skillful use of mechanics – spelling, punctuation, and grammar Very few errors in mechanics Some errors in mechanics Many significant errors in mechanics
Discussion Topics
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